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What we do for 8th

  • Fundamentals
  • Healthy Interactive sessions with students and teacher which enhances analytical ability of a child. Thus paving way child to look at the challenging opportunities ahead
  • The syllabus is taught in a way which the child enjoys the process of learning, by understanding the concepts there by enhancing the answering capabilities.
  • The student is introduced to the art of learning which takes three years to learn the art of learning whose outcome is master the skill of learning anything.
No. of hours 288 per annum
WEEKLY Test Sunday
Teacher’s Full Time Faculty
Results Announced by our Mobile Applications individually

Our students of 8th grade students have demonstrated to this point in time must not abate at this late point of middle school. The grades that students receive this year will heavily influence the academic track on which these students are placed as freshmen, and this track will have a significant impact on determining what courses are available to these students later in high school.

As our students in 8th grade with high academic achievement are on a track towards taking rigorous classes once they begin our 8th course, it is essential now to develop the types of study habits and time management skills that will allow for a smoother transition to this increased workload.

Innovative helps in getting the right knowledge in the right time

Alumini Testimonials

  • Yashaswini JY ICSE 2016 - Maths : 100 & Science : 96

    Innovative Study Circle is the best institute which I have ever seen where I could realize my full potential and put the best out of me. We were given motivation and encouragement throughout the journey. I never experienced any kind of pressure about my 10th grade as I enjoyed learning in Innovative. I think my teachers here laid a very strong foundation for us. It also enhanced my creativity as they made us think out of the box. The faculty members are perfect in their subjects. All the doubts logical, illogical or however silly were answered. One can surely achieve their goal by following the methodology adopted here. Worksheets and mock tests given here increased my level of confidence. Apart from studies, I would wholeheartedly thank my teachers for inculcating in me many values of life and made my dream come true. It was truly a place where my life and education actually met.

  • Dheeraj Mohan. IICSE 2015 - Maths : 95 & Science : 95

    Innovative Study Circle is the best institute which I have ever seen Innovative is the place where one gets to know the value of education in our everyday lives