How to Prepare for CA & CS Exam?

  • How to Prepare for CA & CS Exam?

    How to Prepare for CA & CS Exam?

    Ultimate Preparation Tips Prepare for exams

    How to prepare for CA and CS these two exams are Top exams in India, also one of the toughest exams to crack. He/She one who wants to crack the exam should have the right strategy to ace the exam.

    Thus, before starting your preparation for exams, you should have a solid knowledge of how to prepare for these exams based on the new syllabus. here we are going to cover through the article on preparation tips for CA and CS exams.

    1. Know Your Syllabus and Exam Pattern:

    If you want to prepare for the exam, then you should know the exam pattern and the updated syllabus. For example, if you preparing for the CA exam you need to know how many exams are there what are minimum marks to pass the exam, which books need to reefer as well same to CS exam.also, you need to know about negative marking, how many marks you need to pass the exam, what is the minimum marks.

    2. Make A Timetable:

    Make a proper timetable to cover all the syllabus and the topic, if you want to prepare for the exam start with a difficult topic first and try to develop a base as you can. by following this method so that you can easily create a depth understanding of the concept. also, it will help you to score better in the exam.

    Having a pre-planned timetable can be useful in many ways as it will keep you on track to complete the syllabus, also it will build discipline in studies. Time table include year, months, week, day exam preparation timetable

    3. Prepare With Best Study Materials:

    Prepare with the best and proper study material for the exam, to prepare for this exam before and the initial step is to collect the all the study materials. as like knowing what is the syllabus, what are the important chapters.

    while collecting study material start with books then come to notes, as well collect the study materials from online websites as PDF notes, Ebooks, and more.

    4. Practice Previous Year Question Papers:

    Previous year questions are very important to solve because solving previous year papers will help you to understand the exam pattern, syllabus and what will be asked in the exam, what type of the questions will be asked, also helps to understand the difficulty of the exam.

    Strictly need to pay attention to the previous year's papers while preparing for the exam, sometimes similar questions repeat in the exam it will be so useful.

    5. Find A Better Coaching Institute:

    Finding a better coaching class so that can be helpful to learn the concepts at an advanced level. for these exams, you need to prepare yourself and learn, as well its better to enroll the coaching Institute is the better. coaching Institute is the guideline for starting exam preparation where you will learn from basic to advance level and understand the complete about the exam.

    Better coaching Institute means better learning, without proper godliness you can't reach the goal so easily also while preparing for these exams you need many questions will arise in your mind so overall finding a better coaching Institute is the best choice you can make.

    6. Stay Focused:

    Stay focus and motivated every time. always focused and use the time in a better way. a most important tip is don’t focus on the time, focus on the output, or complete the study in a minimum time.

    Follow the timetable, never stop, take the break when it breaks, also important is to stay away from procrastination, to stay focused you need to use time slot as after reading 25 minutes take to break it is one of the best and most used techniques used by millions of students to learn batter and stay focused better.

    7. Solve More Practice Papers:

    Try to solve more objective papers every day. this will help you to know the pattern of the question paper. this will helps you to boost your confidence, speed in the exam, even it will help you to develop time management skills.

    solving more practice pare is nothing but practicing running for the race, the more you practice the question papers the more easily you can crack the exam.

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